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BISD Teachers Win Top Honors

The Beaumont Foundation of America announced the 16 recipients of the 2023 Wayne A. Reaud Excellence in Education Award, which includes three Beaumont ISD educators.

Since 2009, the Foundation has recognized superior teachers whose dedication and leadership inspire both students and fellow educators. The honor provides public acclaim and financial rewards to these teachers who are furthering excellence in education throughout Southeast Texas.

Wayne A. Reaud, Chairman of the Board, stated, “Education is the key to a better future and great teachers are the key to education. Our winners are outstanding representatives of excellence in education.” These great teachers are first nominated by their campus committees. The winners are selected by the Beaumont Foundation and will be honored at an awards banquet on May 16th. Each will receive $10,000 in recognition of exemplary contribution to the lives of their students.

“We were very impressed with this year’s submissions. BISD always has some good teacher packets, but this year was our most difficult deliberation. BISD schools submitted the best packets we’ve ever received,” expressed Beaumont Foundation Program Director Hannah Ward. “It took us an extra week to finally agree on the winners, which is a compliment to the teachers, those who wrote beautiful recommendation letters, and the administrators and committees who are responsible for hiring such phenomenal educators.”

The 2023 Reaud Excellence in Education Beaumont ISD recipients include:


Randee Hodgkins, Sallie Curtis Elementary School

Middle School

Miste Tyner Henderson, Marshall Middle School

High School

Tiffany Linh Nguyen, West Brook High School