Campus Motto, Colors, and Mascot

  • Campus Description

    Pietzsch-MacArthur is an educational institution that prides itself on raising student achievement through innovative opportunities and experiences. Our goal is student success and we will stop at nothing to achieve it. This campus has a passion for building relationships with students, giving them tools to be successful in life, and letting them know that they are the future of this world. We tell all of our students to be PROUD of who they are and what they have accomplished. Welcome to the Pride Lands!

    Campus Mission

    The mission of Pietzsch-MacArthur is that we will raise student achievement by creating innovative learning opportunities and experiences.


    School Hashtag:



    Our school colors are:

    GREEN which represents the GROWTH that our Cougars WILL achieve.

    BLACK represents the POWER and STRENGTH that each and every one of our students is equiped with every day.

    WHITE which represents the POSITIVITY on our campus that fosters a growth mindset that all children can and will learn.


    We are home to the MIGHTY Cougars!