Mission & Vision Statements

  • Motto: Preparing Our Next Generation

    Vision: In collaboration with the entire community, we will create an inclusive environment of academic excellence that supports the diverse needs of all learners.

    Mission:  We will inspire and prepare all students for lifelong success by providing an exemplary education in a safe learning environment.

    Core Beliefs:

    1. All children can and will learn. The District will prioritize effective, engaging instruction aligned with a challenging curriculum for all students.

    2. We can achieve higher levels of performance within every facet of our organization. The District will promote high expectations for all students and staff members, clearly defined District goals and strategically aligned resources.

    3. Every classroom will have an effective teacher and every school will have an effective principal. The District will recruit, develop and retain highly effective teachers and administrators.

    4. All school and work environments will be safe, secure and supportive. The District will ensure that learning and work environments are safe, secure and supportive in order for all students and staff to achieve high levels of performance.

    5. In order to prepare our next generation to become responsible citizens, we will work collaboratively with our families and community partners. The District will actively collaborate with families and community partners to maximize opportunities for the success of our students.

    6. We should be fiscally responsible and accountable to the public. The District will implement financial procedures and internal controls to ensure fiscal responsibility.