• Don’ts: 

    1. Don’t keep money in your classroom overnight or bring home for safe keeping. You could be liable for lost funds. 
    1. Don’t use un-deposited cash to make purchases. 
    1. Don’t make purchases with your personal funds. You WILL NOT be reimbursed.  The only exception is a TRUE emergency situation and after you have obtained prior approval from the Activity Fund Specialist. 
    1. Don’t begin any fundraisers without approval. 
    1. Don’t hold any raffles or games of chance.




    1. Do write cash receipts to students/parents for all money collected $5.00 and over using an official BISD Receipt Book. For money collected less than $5.00, use the Tabulation of Money Collected from Students form SAF-103.
    2. Do turn in all money collected with the bookkeeper daily.
    3. Do obtain pre-approval from the Principal for all merchandise and services ordered using the Student Activity Fund Voucher (SAF-104).
    4. Do complete the Fundraising approval Form in Eduphoria at least two weeks prior to any fundraising activity.
    5. Do complete and turn in the Fundraising Financial Report in Eduphoria 5 days after the fundraiser is complete.
    6. Do review activity fund account balances for accuracy.
    7. Do maintain a positive balance in your club account.
    8. Do maintain all club meeting minutes.