• All disbursements made through activity funds must have the Student Activity Fund Voucher (SAF-104).  Payments will not be processed without the SAF-104 attached in TEAMS.  Orders placed without this form attached will be rejected.  The SAF-104 must also have Principals signature approving the request. 

    Campus Activity Funds 

    Purchases made with Campus Activity Funds (461) are subject to District competitive bidding and purchasing laws.  

    Student Activity Funds 

    Student Activity Funds (865) are not subject to purchasing and bid laws but must adhere to the guidelines established in this manual and District Regulations.  Student Activity Funds are accounted for by the District as agency funds and held by the school as trustee for student clubs and organizations.  

    All Campus and Student Activity disbursements must be approved in advance by the campus Principal in writing using the Student Activity Fund Voucher (SAF-104) for check request and RPO/Purchase Order.