• The donation of cash or property to any campus must be approved by the Principal and the Principal must notify the CFO’s office informing them of the donation and to determine if the donation is acceptable.  The Record of Monetary Donation Form (SAF-121) and the Record of Donated (SAF-122) items forms must be completed.

    All monetary donations from corporations, businesses, parents and the community must come to the business office for deposit.  This will allow the district to track donations.  If the donor is not specific regarding the purpose of the donation the Principal should use the donation to benefit students.  

    All donations will be deposited into campus activity and then transferred into the account listed on the Record of Monetary Donations Form. 

    Nonmonetary or non-consumable donations that are related to the campus site or property must be approved by Principal prior to acceptance.  Complete The Record of Donated Items forms (SAF-122) and forward to the Activity Funds Office. 


     For monetary donations made to campuses the bookkeeper must follow the steps listed below. 

    • Make a copy of the check.
    • Complete The Record of Monetary Donations Form (SAF-121).
    • Forward the SAF-121 with the check attached to the CFO’s office.
    • Keep copies of the SAF-121 and the check in your daily files.