• Activity Fund Sponsors are responsible for managing their respective activity funds.  This responsibility can include developing fund raising plans, monitoring the financial position of the activity fund, reviewing the activity fund financial report, safekeeping activity fund money until it is deposited by the school district and other fiduciary responsibilities 

    Activity Fund Sponsors may include a teacher, librarian or other campus staff.  In addition, student activity fund sponsors include the sponsor of a student club or organization.  The sponsors are also responsible for ensuring that the students make the decisions related to expenditures of their funds and safeguarding and accounting for all activity funds entrusted to him/her.  The sponsor must follow procedures within this manual. 

    Activity Fund Sponsors responsibilities also include: 

    1. Maintaining detailed financial records (to be kept in a binder)
    • All forms pertaining to Fundraisers
    • Student Activity Fund vouchers for requested payments
    • Fundraising reports and all documents
    • List of club officers
    • Club meeting minutes
    • All other documentation pertaining to the club
    1. Complete the Fund Raising Approval Form (SAF-112) and the Fund Raising Financial Report once a fund raiser is complete.
    1. Always keep a positive balance in the activity accounts at all times.
    2. Sign the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (SAF-116) if this form is not completed the sponsor will not be able to conduct activities that involve collecting or disbursing funds.
    3. The sponsor must sign the Responsibilities of Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups (SAF-113).
    4. Complete the Club Authorization Form (SAF-126) at the beginning of the year when clubs become established with members.