• The campus principal is responsible for the proper collection, disbursement and control of all activity funds at the school.  This responsibility includes providing for the safekeeping of all funds at the school. 

    The principal is not responsible, however, for funds collected, disbursed and controlled by parents, patrons or alumni organizations and these funds should not be accounted for in a school district’s activity funds (i.e. PTA, athletic and band booster clubs, etc.). 

    The principal must approve all fundraising activities in advance and must require each sponsor to complete the Fund Raising Approval Form (SAF-112) before any and all fundraisers.  Also each employee who handles funds dealing with student activity will be required to sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (SAF-116) The Responsibilities of Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups (SAF-113) must also be signed by sponsors.  Once a fundraiser is complete the sponsor MUST complete the Fund Raising Financial Report (SAF-114).  Copies of the completed forms must be turned in to the bookkeeper/secretary. 

    The principal must have a safe in which to safeguard any funds that are deposited with the bookkeeper/secretary.  Only the bookkeeper/secretary and principal should have access to the secured area.  Only cash, checks or deposit slips for activity funds should be kept in the safe.