• The following are allowable and prohibited expenditures for activity funds.  The list is not all-inclusive but can be used as a guide. 

    Allowable Expenditures:

    • The cost of field trips, including items such as admission fees, snacks and other costs.
    • Expenses for snacks, favors and other incidentals used in seasonal or holiday parties and programs for students.
    • Cost of school assemblies and special programs, class picnics, student dances, etc.
    • Expenses for the sponsor and chaperones for an approved event
    • Expenses associated with the senior prom, senior day, graduation, etc.
    • School supplies and other school-related items for students.
    • Items designated to beautify the school, the classrooms and playgrounds or other school property.
    • Items for classroom use or for school operations.
    • Campus after school programs.
    • Awards, Plaques and Recognition certificates


    Prohibited Expenditures:

    • Extravagant awards such as watches or other jewelry.
    • Payment of an individual’s personal bills.
    • Donations to individuals, organizations or scholarship funds.
    • Loans to employees, parents or students for any reason.
    • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, controlled substances.
    • Replacement of an individual’s property that was lost, stolen or damaged on the school or district premises or while being used at a school or district function.
    • Transfer of funds to the faculty account.
    • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates (see below)
    • Any gift for any person for any occasion.
    • Withholding cash from fundraisers, etc. in order to purchase items needed –NO CASH PAMENTS! NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Cash Awards/Gift Cards/Other Incentives 

    • Cash awards or gift cards are prohibited. 
    • No cash, clothing (shirts, shoes, hats, socks, etc.), loans, payment of personal living expenses (utility bills, groceries, medical bills, etc.) can be made for District employees.