• Note: The district has an agreement with My School Bucks (MSB) to provide an online payment solution. In an effort to reduce the amount of cash received at the campuses, MSB will be used to collect fundraising proceeds, club dues, student fees, etc. Note, there may be instances where cash needs to be collected. Let this be the exception, not the rule.

    Fundraising activities that directly benefit the school or students are considered allowable.  The school Principal/Activity Director (high school) must approve all fundraising activities prior to the event.  Approved fundraising projects and activities should be placed on the school activity calendar as soon as approval has been granted by the administrator. 

    Fundraising activities that benefit outside organizations (example: American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Gift of Life, etc) should only be done during designated times as deemed by the Principal, preferably, before or after school.  None of the funds generated from outside organizations should ever be deposited into any district activity account. 

    When collecting funds for outside organizations, money should be placed in a receptacle in an area which is easily accessible for others.  A staff member from the organization should be present at all times and is responsible for the safeguarding of all proceeds. Campus staff are not to handle or be responsible for non-campus run fundraising.