RDSPD Referrals

  • Parents, private or public school personnel, or any other person involved in the care or education of a student may refer a student who is suspected of having an auditory impairment to the RDSPD.  Referrals may be made in writing or by telephone to the SOUTHEAST TEXAS RDSPD office or any special education department of one of the member school districts. 

    The following is required for consideration of the eligibility of auditory impairment (assessments must have been completed within the past three years):

    • A report of aided and unaided audiological assessment by a licensed audiologist
    • A report of otological examination by a licensed Ear, Nose and Throat physician
    • A report of communication assessment by a Speech-Language Pathologist or certified deaf educator
    • A Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) by a professional certified to administer assessment
    • A Speech-Language assessment by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist
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