• What is Adapted Physical Education?

    "Adapted Physical Education is the art and science of developing and implementing a carefully designed physical education instructional program for an individual with a disability, based on a comprehensive assessment, to give the individual the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sport experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness."
    — (Auxter, Pyfer, & Huettig, 2001)

  • Evaluations

    • As suggested by the ARD committee, a request form is submitted recommending that an APE Evaluation is completed for a student with disability.

    • An evaluation includes the area of fundamental motor skills and patterns, physical fitness, and lifetime leisure skills.

    • Based on the evaluation findings, a recommendation is made in writing regarding appropriate placement.

    • If an adapted physical education placement is recommended or if the TEKS are modified in the regular physical education program, suggested APE goals and objectives are submitted with the report.

    • Whenever warranted, follow-up will occur in order to recommend accommodations and/or modifications or share specific activities, which address the APE goals and objectives.

  • Consultations

    Special Education

    • Consultation, which may include classroom management in the physical education setting, curriculum planning, and facilities and equipment planning, is most often provided to special education teachers providing physical education to their life-skills classes.

    • Consultation also is provided to special education teachers and aides who are implementing adapted physical education services for one or two students.

    • Finally, administrative consultation is offered in the areas of in-service needs, legal implications, and innovative program approaches.

    • In addition, mentoring services are available for new or inexperienced teachers hired as Adapted Physical Education Specialists.

    Regular Physical Educator

    For special education students served in regular physical education, consultation is provided to the regular physical education instructor to assist in successful inclusion through exploration of inclusion techniques, modification methods, and provision of supplemental activities for specific disabilities.