Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Beaumont ISD is pleased to offer transportation to and from school at no additional cost to eligible students living within the Beaumont ISD. The State of Texas defines students eligible for transportation aboard a school bus as those elementary students who live one or more miles away from their assigned school and for secondary students who live two or more miles away from their assigned school. Students residing within the one-mile boundary for elementary or the two-mile boundary for secondary middle schools may have transportation available if their neighborhood qualifies as hazardous under the district’s hazardous transportation policy.

    Eligible Students may receive transportation to one eligible pick up and take home address within their attendance boundary, as registered with the attending school and verified in TEAMS, at the following eligible locations:

    1. The student’s primary residence.
    2. A state recognized child care provider (including state recognized in-home care providers).
    3. A grandparent responsible for providing before and after school care for the student.

    For safety reasons, district bus service to and/or from different locations on different days is not allowed. Bus stops meeting safety and efficiency standards are established by Transportation professionals for each grade level. Stops are generally located at corners stops. Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus to/from their designated bus stop.

    Special Education programs are subject to different criteria.



    Only qualified elementary students are eligible to receive Beaumont ISD transportation for school to/from a daycare center. The student’s residence, as listed in TEAMS, must be the designated route, and the daycare must be in the route of the student’s attending school.