Scholarship Portfolio Information

  • How to Create a Scholarship Portfolio


    What is a Scholarship Portfolio?

    Why you need one?

    Scholarships require certain information and documents.

    Scholarship applications will be rejected if you are missing requested documents and/or information.  

    Spending a few hours creating a Scholarship Portfolio will make applying for scholarships easier. 


    From your files and off your computer, you will be able to pull all the documents needed.  

    This will allow you to apply for the scholarship right away. 

    All-nighters and missed deadlines will be a thing of the past.


    Suggested Information & Documents to Include in the Scholarship Portfolio

    • Resume’
      • Extra curricular Activities
      • Volunteer Services / Community Service Hours
      • Honors / Awards
      • Leadership Positions
      • Academics
      • Employment
    • Official Transcripts - Merit Based Scholarships
    • Financial Aid Information - Need Based Scholarships
      • Tax Return (2018)
      • FAFSA Student Aid Report- Senior Year (Application opens October 1st)
    • Citizenship
      • Official Photo Identification
    • Photo
    • Letters of Recommendation
      • Teacher 
      • Community Member
      • Family Friend
      • School Administrator
    • SAT &/or ACT Scores
    • Personal Statement or Essay



    Flash Drives are an excellent way to organize and keep information and documents readily available.


    See the College, Career & Military Readiness Coordinator or Grade Level Counselor for additional assistance.