Student Self Serve

  • The Beaumont ISD Student Self Serve system is available for students to provide them with information regarding grades, assignments, attendance, and online registration.

    Access requires responsible behavior when viewing student information. Students will be held accountable for the proper use of the accounts. The District can monitor, suspend, or revoke access if rules are violated. The person with an account is always responsible for its proper use. Access is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate behavior includes:  Using someone else's account, accessing another individual's records, gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to restricted information or resources, sharing passwords with anyone (including their children), and/or using Student Self Serve for any illegal activity (including violation of data privacy laws).

    Students are required to accept the District Acceptable Use Policy prior to being given access. Click the button below to be taken to the Student Self Serve system.

    Student Self Serve Button
    Student Self Serve
    (Must have pop-up blocker disabled)