Welcome from the Principal

  • At Fletcher Elementary, our staff and students strive to achieve their maximum potential at all times. Our school’s make-up is very unique, with over 50% of our students being English language learners and 94% coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Despite these challenges, we follow a rigorous curriculum, implement a campus-wide behavior plan, and consistently meet or exceed state requirements.

    We believe that our mission at Fletcher Elementary is to ensure continuous student achievement in a way that:

    • All students are challenged to achieve their greatest potential
    • Each child’s individuality is recognized
    • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect
    • Everyone views our mission as a vested interest and commits to fully supporting our endeavors in its implementation and achievement

    At Fletcher Elementary, we are committed to excellence, as reflected in our mission statement. We strive to create a safe learning environment, deliver a rigorous curriculum to ensure our students can compete academically with other schools, bridge the gap between our majority and minority learners, appreciate all cultures, and ensure every student achieves academic success in a positive environment. We make every effort to produce well-rounded, contributing citizens to our society.

    We can, we will, we must work together to make this vision a reality. I look forward to collaborating with our staff, parents, and community members to make a positive impact in our students’ lives.


    Gloria Guillory

  • Guillory