Campus Motto, Colors, and Mascot

  • History

    Charlton–Pollard Elementary School, named after two prominent educators, T. J. Charlton and T.T. Pollard, was established in 2011 combining two campuses, Dunbar Elementary and Ogden Elementary. When the new state of the art facility opened for the 2011-12 school year, it was equipped with computer labs, audio and visual technology, and a science lab to provide students with hands-on investigations and support new science requirements. Charlton–Pollard Elementary is located in the heart of the Charlton–Pollard community and serves approximately 500 students. 

    Charlton-Pollard High School (1900-1975)
    Charlton-Pollard High School, named for two esteemed leaders, opened in 1900 and existed until its merger with Beaumont High in 1975. Charlton-Pollard used the Bulldog for its mascot, as well as the name of its newspaper. The annual was called Rice Shock. Blue and White were the colors.

    Beaumont Charlton-Pollard (1975-1986)
    In 1975, Beaumont Charlton-Pollard High School was formed by merging Beaumont High and Charlton Pollard High. Green and Gold were decided upon as the colors and the mascot was the Cougar. The school paper, named the Cougar Collection, was first issued that year. In addition, the school annual was called the Cougar Classic.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Charlton–Pollard Elementary School is to create and establish a learning environment whereby students can reach their maximum potential.


    “One Team, One Dream, Excellence for All!” C-P


    Blue and White



    2023-2024 School Theme

    School Theme 2023-24